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Accounting and financial services for nonprofits on a mission


Only with financial clarity, can sound financial decisions be made.

Lisa and her staff of consultants specialize in the nonprofit sector. They are committed to using their knowledge to provide organizations with useful financial data. Collectively they pool their experiences in auditing, internal control processes, information technology and general ledger accounting to provide a wealth of knowledge and support. 

Our Goals for You

Ideally, we’d like to make you self sufficient—or close!

  • After we make sure your accounting structure is informative and sustainable, we can train one of your staff to record the transactions, and then we’ll routinely review and analyze to make sure everything is on track.

But if you’d like us to handle everything, that’s fine too.

  • We can maintain your accounting information on an ongoing basis either in-house, or remotely.

We’re also here to handle any other routine or non-routine financial needs.  We can set-up the level of services you need. 


Common Nonprofit Accounting Missteps

  • Not keeping tracking the spending of your restricted funds
  • Not allocating overhead expenses properly to your functional areas
  • Not forecasting your cash balance
  • Timely and accurate compliance reporting
  • Using Quickbooks as merely a check register instead of a multi-faceted reporting tool
  • Not understanding the use of a Form 990 as a marketing or development tool

Lisa S. Gertsch LLC can remedy all of the above.



Services at a Glance



Whether you use the desktop version, or online, we can handle the initial set-up, or adjust what you have so that it provides you with the day-to-day information you need, while also making it pliable to compliance requirements you may have.


required FILINGs

We can prepare and file your annual Form 990, as well as your annual payroll and vendor filings. We’re experienced in government grant reporting as well.



We can train one of your staff to record transactions, or we can do your bookkeeping ourselves. Either way, we’ll make sure your transactions are entered and allocated accurately.



Our years of audit experience make our assistance with your “prepared by client” schedules invaluable. We can get you ready quickly.


unlimited analysis possibilities

The most important tool for a nonprofit is forecasting the cash balance.  We can set up that, and provide other analysis you may need.



grant applications and reporting 

Each foundation’s reporting requirements are a little different, and we’re experienced is making sure you supply the requested data so that those grantors keep funding your mission.



I don’t make organizations self-sufficient and sustainable, but I can provide them with the financial information they need to do that for themselves.
— Lisa S. Gertsch




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