Lisa S. Gertsch


Accounting and financial services for nonprofits on a mission




Starting from scratch? We’ll use the AICPA recommended nonprofit chart of accounts, which we’ll customize to your organization.  If you have a system, but you’re not happy with it, we can sort it out in no time so that it serves your needs. We'll give you a process to keep track of those temporarily restricted grants. The right system leads to the right reports, which leads to the right decisions. We structure accounting systems to meet management's daily needs, but we'll structure it so that IRS reporting is easy as well.



required filings

We can prepare and file your Form 990s as well as annual 1099/1096 and W-2/W-3 filings. We can help you process your payroll and those related monthly, quarterly and annual filings as well. Staying in compliance is important and we’ll make sure you’re on top of it. 




Once the system is comprehensible, we’re happy to keep books for you. We have some capacity for on-site bookkeeping. Remote bookkeeping can be very successful and not cumbersome. We can work with you on a system that makes sense. Alternatively, we can train an employee to keep books – we love doing this! No accounting degree is needed. An organized/methodical person can be taught how to record transactions. Then we’ll come in with monthly or quarterly oversight. It can all tailored to your specific needs!




If you’re an organization that gets audited, have no fear!  Our Big 4 audit experience will have those “Prepared by Client” schedules done in no time.  Audits can be very time consuming so we’re happy to help in the process.  We’ll help insure you have the information available for the new guidance issued by FASB.



Unlimited analysis possibilities

Every nonprofit needs to forecast their cash flow which starts with a straight-forward budget. Those two tools are necessary for success. Not sure of your temporarily restricted funds balance? We can assess for you and get you moving forward. Receivables and payables can also get convoluted, but we’ll analyze that as well and get your balances correct.





We are experienced with all types of grants, and especially the need to track that temporarily restricted spending. Allocating shared expenses can be a bit problematic, but we’ll get a good allocation method and make it all seem easy. With QuickBooks properly structured, you’ll be able to run a quick grant report and always know where you stand.